Gavan Riley

Gavan’s jewellery captures the intricacies and beauty of nature. He    combines the skills of carving and jewellery making to render unique pieces of jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is handcarved using the tradition of lost-wax and then cast in sterling silver or gold. 

Gavan was born in New Zealand. He went to England in 1966 to further his education and attained a BSC with Honours at the University of Kent. In 1976 he began working at his brother’s jewellery workshop, The Great Frog in Carnaby Street and designed and made jewellery there for heavy metal bands, movies and television shows until 1988. During this time, he made jewellery for rock stars including Madonna. A locket made by Gavan featured prominently in the movie ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. 
It wasn’t until he returned to New Zealand where he found the ability to express his real talent. It was his (re)connection with the land and observations of the surrounding environment which resulted in his portrayals of indigenous flora and fauna.
Now settled in Mangawhai, Northland, Gavan seeks to make peace with his identity in art and the world.


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