Jane Galloway

“I graduated from Elam in 1976 after majoring in painting.
I have lived in Raglan since 1990 and have painted the area extensively, specializing in the more difficult medium of water colour.   
More recently, galleries have requested work on canvas which is more suited to contemporary architecture.  
I enjoy painting the wildness and ‘emptiness’ of the West Coast, and in recording the best-loved places Raglan is known for. There is a lot to record before pressures of development change the character further and some of its wildness is lost.

Whatever I paint, I want to express a celebration of being alive, being able to see, feel and enjoy.
For the last 45 years I have focussed on earning a living. This is a dilemma for any artist who wants to spend their time being creative. Somehow these two things are uncomfortable partners as it is a pervasive belief that one has to be either poor and creatively fulfilled, or selling work and ignoring the call of the muse. My combination of graphic designs for Live Wires NZ and realistic landscape paintings have been popular for years at the cost of setting aside the inner call to explore new ways of working.
But, now is that time!”


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