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Rodney Hamel

Rodney Hamel has not attended nor has he had formal training at a university art department or polytechnic. He is a specialist in, and teacher of, Art History. This gives him constant exposure to twentieth century art and in particular New Zealand landscape painting.

Rodney resided in the Waikato for many years painting the hills and mountains around the Cambridge area.  Even after returning to Dunedin, he continues to revisit and find inspiration in the Waikato landscape.  

Rodney’s series of Maungakawa Hill images take an aerial viewpoint where the viewer looks down on the scenery.  
His rich oils are bold in colour and the palate is used to convey and heighten the different moods and lights of the day.  
His work has an inviting warmth to it and encourages prolonged viewing and contemplation.
Rodney values the surface of the canvas and places as much importance on this as his subject.  He often uses the textural hessian as well as canvas.

Rodney’s work hangs in the University of Waikato, the Waikato Art Museum, and in private collections throughout New Zealand.


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