Raewyn Vanstone

I am Raewyn Vanstone, I drifted in to the King country area about twenty years ago, and am still here!  We have a small sheep and beef farm in Taumarunui, so I am lucky to have a quiet rural life style. I am surrounded by beautiful scenery, so I don't paint it, I prefer to look at it out the window! 

Instead, I like to use simple shapes, lots of texture, and bright eye catching colours, always trying to create something that makes people feel good.

Houses, construction sites, sky scrapers , farm fences, things along those lines are always playing on my imagination, I'm always questioning, how can I put this on canvas?

I have always been creative, I did art right through school, my art work got put aside to raise three boys, but I am now at the stage in life when I have a bit of free time, so there is paint, canvases, glue, fabric and all sorts all over the place!

I hope every one enjoys my work as much I enjoy creating it. I don't do prints or cards or anything else along those a line so my paintings are all a one off original piece, as I don't like mass production.
So if you own a piece of my work, that will be the only one. 

Anyway, must get moving and creative! From Raewyn.


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