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Lyndy Wilson

I am a full time Waikato artist of Tainui descent. Growing up and living in Ngaruawahia, I am surrounded by the majestic Hakarimata ranges and the Waipa and Waikato rivers. This natural beauty is a constant source of inspiration.

Art and creativity have always been a passion, painting in particular. Although self-taught, in 2003 I was awarded an Arts Waikato Scholarship (nominated by the Raupatu Lands Trust) which enabled me to complete a Diploma of Art and Creativity through the learning Connexion in Wellington. 
I have a diverse range of styles, but the strong use of colour is always constant.

Relying on instinct and intuition, paintings often evolve layer by layer. Getting lost in the process is a joy, bold gestural movements are counteracted by the need to put things in order.
Experimenting with different mediums is always a pleasure but I mostly enjoy the immediacy and versatility of acrylic paint.


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