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Lynne Brown

Lynne Brown is a New Zealand Painter who creates beautiful, emotional and feminine pieces – but she hasn’t always worked purely as an artist. It was as she neared her fifth decade that she decided to seize the day and explore her passion full time, and she is never looking back.

Lynne uses the land around her as her form of inspiration. “The natural environment in which I am lucky enough to live is a constant yet ever-changing source of inspiration for my art. I am lucky to be surrounded by harbours, estuaries, and wetlands which I am able to observe throughout all the seasons.

Lynne’s paintings reflect the changes in mood, colour and texture throughout the seasons through her layered acrylic style. “I paint in acrylics because I love the versatility and whilst painting I am in a hurry to get the next layer on. I paint using many layers of mostly transparent paint, as I love the subtlety of colours this enables me to produce.”

“I have worked with Sandra and Heritage Gallery for the past few years. It gives me great pleasure to produce my art, and equal pleasure in seeing others enjoy it.”


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