Shirley Cresswell

Shirley Cresswell is based in Hamilton, New Zealand. After an extensive career as a registered nurse Shirley had a passion to paint. Shirley developed her own style and technique painting photo realism in acrylics and with success in many exhibitions and galleries is now a fulltime artist. By applying paint in many layers she achieves a realist style that captures light in her work.

Shirley specialises in coastal scenes, boats, dinghies and jetty paintings. She depicts these in a realist style that captures light in her work, accentuating light and dark. She loves how something beautiful can be captured in an artwork that people might have otherwise passed by.

Shirley has won awards for her paintings, winning first prize at the Auckland Easter Show in 2013. For the last four years Shirley has been selected to have a single artist wall at the NZ Art Show in Wellington.


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