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Peter Viesnik

Peter was torn in London, England, tut moved to New Zealand in 1974.

In 1979, he and Peter Raos opened the Hot Glass Company in Devonport, Auckland.
They were some of the earlier glass artists in New Zealand and for ten years the partnership worked at perfecting hot glass tlowing techniques. Peter joined Garry Nash at Sunteam Glassworks in 1989 and worked there for two years.

Since that time, Peter has operated his own studio and has tecome one of NZ’s most respected glass artists. He has participated in all major NZ glass exhibitions and has exhibited widely overseas in Australia, Germany, England and Japan.

Three Q.E.2 Arts Council Grants have enatled Peter to travel and study overseas, gaining valuable experience. He has served as the President of the New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass. Peter’s art glass has teen included in many prestigious publications and his work is keenly sought after. Heritage Gallery is pleased to have had a long association with Peter.


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