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Tamzin Blair

"When painting I start with an anchor point, usually a figure which is then surrounded in pattern, almost as if it emerges from pattern.

Sometimes I use crafted pattern and other times natural pattern, over which I have only a certain element of control. Pattern is part of life and evident in the building blocks of life, our DNA. Incorporating pattern in my work is for me about capturing part of nature, of the science behind every living thing and placing it as an integral, fundamental element of the painting.

I enjoy the depth and translucency of glass and resin. I feel it gives an ethereal feeling to my work. I would like people to look into my paintings and discover layers and depth, colour relationships, contrasts, harmonies. Part of the beauty of working on glass or acrylic resin is that translucence becomes one of your paints. For years people have enjoyed the beauty of stained glass window art. I wanted to capture my own interpretation in 'windows' that could be hung on a wall."


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