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Hayley Hamilton

I attended Central St Martins School of Art in London. I emigrated to NZ in 1997 and have been a full time artist since 2001, running an open studio workshop, using clay, painting and a little commercial illustration. 

I consider myself to be an illustrator, a visual storyteller and a painter. After the practical restraints of using clay artistically for so many year I love the freedom of painting. 

To paint has always been my treat, my indulgence, and an essential part of my creativity. I am striving for a connection with the viewer of my work. To tell a relatable story is my intrinsic goal. I mostly depict people and animals to tell these tales. The ideas are constant, like a chatter in my head that I need to pair back. I am inspired by everything and anything from Renaissance embroidery, the family dog asleep on his bed or the expression of a stranger. Through the chaos that this brings emerges the seed of an image that I then work on to become a painting. 

Heritage Gallery is very please to represent Hayley. 


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