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Justin Culina

“I was born in 1982 in Anacortes, Washington. From an early age ,I have had an interest in art and the natural world. This has inspired me to develop and produce works reflecting the fluidity and suspension of movement that is so prevalent in glass design. 

I studied glass at Wanganui in 2002, after which I worked alongside New Zealand and international glass artists. Clearly I am committed for a lifetime now. I progressed to the development of my Whangarei-based hot glass studio, Culina Glass which opened in 2008. 

My current works are exhibited in a number of NZ galleries and overseas venues. 
I am continually fascinated and inspired by the way natural minerals react with one another in the presence of extreme heat and pressure. The incredible patterns in aquatic and botanical life around the world make working with glass an inspiring and rewarding journey.” 

Heritage Gallery is very pleased to show Justin’s stunning glass. 


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