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Carole Hughes is a Cambridge artist who has a passion for colour and for the style of the Fauve artists, Matisse, Derain, Dufy, Braque and Vlaminck. Fauvism was characterized mainly by expressionist work and intense colour. 

Hughes describes herself as an Expressionist and has huge admiration for artists like Paul Gaugin, Ernst Kirchner, Kandinsky and Max Beckman who were all German Expressionists in the 20th century.

The use of colour, the bold thick strokes and almost primitive and naïve way of putting paint and oil pastel to canvas is a magical blend in itself and has become almost unique to this self- taught artist.

Hughes started painting 25 years ago and has held many exhibitions throughout New Zealand. She enjoys painting commission work and says that the challenge of work which veers from her usual themes is part of the delight she has in doing commissions.

Carole Hughes’ work can be divided into two main themes; Jazz and Dance; European landscapes and French market scenes.

Many of her paintings have travelled overseas with eager buyers and those who purchase initially seem to come back for more, consequently there are many homes which display three or four of her works.

She says that it is people who want boldness and a natural concept, those who feel an emotion for the use of colour in a very freeway who appreciate her style, people who want something totally different.

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