The Golden Years - Box Frame

Peter Latham


Framed Canvas - Black Frame

Size: 163x60cm

Limited Edition: 150 (total all sizes), individually numbered, signed & certified
Year of Release: 2011

“Late autumn at Macetown, an historic gold mining town 15km up the valley from Arrowtown. This became quite an adventure as you have to cross the Arrow river 22 times each way & I was in a rental 4WD, on my own. When the water started lapping over the bonnet at one point, it was like ‘Bugger, don’t stop now!’ So after a big effort to get here, I was more determined than ever to capture something memorable. As I recorded this classic image with the old bakery, I struggled to shade the afternoon sun glaring into my lens & spoiling everything. But to my surprise, it actually worked & added some magic, backlighting the scene beautifully.”

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