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Peter Latham


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Location: Kaikoura, Canterbury

Size: 350mm x 1000mm   Unframed

Limited Edition: 200 (total all sizes), individually numbered, signed & certified

"I had tried many times over 14 years to capture a landscape worthy of Kaikoura, but been disappointed - until now. On this occasion, a weather front was approaching across the Tasman & my phone’s weather app. predicted 'some clouds' at dawn - could be promising? But I never expected such an incredible display... the pink tones first developed in the far distance & initially it seemed like these striking clouds might miss out. Oh no! But a few more minutes passed & these gorgeous pinks slowly formed - wow! I captured several sets, rating the ISO to 800 in order to freeze the waves, whilst maintaining good depth of field. Finally, my patience was rewarded with one of my best!
Despite the appearance that the tide is out, I checked the tide timetable after my shoot & high tide was infact only 2 hrs away. Kaikoura's magnitude 7.8 earthquakein Nov. 2016 raised the seabed 2 metres, lifting these rocks from beneath the waves. So under the same tidal conditions before then, these rock formationswould have been underwater!"

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