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Where Oceans Collide

Peter Latham


Location: Cape Reinga, Northland

Size: 220x1000mm

Limited Edition: 150 (total all sizes), individually numbered, signed & certified.

“For many years, I had sought a unique image of Cape Reinga. This was mid winter, the weather was looking OK & I figured it might be worth the long drive? I tried the ubiquitous sunset the night before, but that failed. So I returned at 3am to try an image with the full moon, but that didn't excite me either. Back again for sunrise then, when rain initially forced me to retreat, but then eased - OK, lets have another go. I had just levelled my tripod on this sloping hill, when my eyes could scarcely believe what they were seeing - this rainbow, which began to form where the Tasman sea & Pacific ocean meet. Vivid for just 30 seconds, 2 minutes later it was gone. I had to pinch myself, did that just happen?! It really was an intense & spiritual experience that I felt privileged to have witnessed.”

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