Collection: Anthony Genet - Flame Daisy

Anthony as a boy, had always been fascinated by the ‘Mazda Man’- an eccentric          Einsteinesque character who advertised light bulbs. That combined with the Neon lights in Cathedral Square in Christchurch, led to a childhood resolve to ‘someday make light bulbs’.

When he was 25, Anthony watched Robert Ready blowing glass from a furnace and instantly knew that this is what he wanted to devote his life to. He moved to Whangarei and began a Craft and Design course at Northland Polytech but was inpatient to get hands-on glass experience and so followed Lynette Campbell to Nelson to be her assistant at her new glass studio.

Anthony now operates a full time glass studio in Nelson. Ingenuity and self-reliance have paid off and has established himself as an exciting part of New  Zealand’s studio glass scene.

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