Collection: Katie Gold

Katie lives with her potter husband, Owen Bartlett and their daughter Alysha in a 1893 historic house in the Moutere Village outside Nelson. She graduated with a  Diploma In Craft Design from Nelson Polytech  in 1991 and taught first year students following her studies.

Katie has been a full time clay worker since 1999. Her pieces are hand built using rolling pins and a variety of stamps she has created herself to decorate. She makes her own glazes and multi fires to achieve the effects she has in mind– often crusty, layered thick and thin.

“Over time my work has intensified, the forms becoming more open, the vessels more delicate and the colours more intense… the forms point upwards and outwards, giving the feeling of dynamic growth. Each vessel is a representation of something vital and alive, an organic form of life.”

She has participated in more than 100 exhibitions nationally and internationally and has been recognized with several awards.