Collection: Dulcie Draper

Dulcie was born in 1940 and although she has lived in Canada and Australia, she has returned to live in New Zealand.

Clay has been her preferred medium in artistic expression for over 43 years, although she enjoys painting as well.

Each piece is individually handmade, original and one of a kind. Colour variances and mistakes are left as they are part of the process.

Although clay is relatively valueless in its raw state, it can be transformed by pushing, scraping, and paddling into almost any imaginable shape, then decorated with designs and glaze before firing in a kiln.

“Art is a universal language that is understood and recognised by all. What is important is the pleasure each piece of art can bring into someone’s life, whatever form.

Through the miracle of hand, heart and soul you literally make something out of nothing.

Each piece of art fulfills its greatest purpose when it enhances a person’s life, or finds its home in someone’s heart”.

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