Collection: Lyndy Wilson

Lyndy Wilson is a full time Waikato artist of Tainui descent. Growing up and living in Ngaruawahia, she is surrounded by the majestic Hakarimata ranges and the Waipa and Waikato rivers. This natural beauty is a constant source of inspiration.

Art and creativity have always been a passion, painting in particular. Although self-taught, in 2003 she was awarded an Arts Waikato Scholarship (nominated by the Raupatu Lands Trust) which enabled her to complete a Diploma of Art and Creativity through the learning Connexion in Wellington.

She has a diverse range of styles, but the strong use of colour is always constant.

Relying on instinct and intuition, paintings often evolve layer by layer. Getting lost in the process is a joy, bold gestural movements are counteracted by the need to put things in order.

Experimenting with different mediums is always a pleasure for her but she mostly enjoys the immediacy and versatility of acrylic paint.

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