Collection: Matt Payne

Matt Payne is a young Auckland painter and mosaic artist whose work is quickly gaining a significant following in the New Zealand art world.

With a passion for New Zealand’s great outdoors, art and sport, Matt comes from a background of high level sportsmanship. He represented New Zealand in Water Polo at Commonwealth and World Championship level, which he complemented with a degree in Sport and Recreation in earlier years.

Since 2004, Matt has devoted himself to art. After graduating from the Whitecliffe College for Fine Arts he has been working full time as an artist and has been featured in many acclaimed shows, exciting much interest amongst art lovers.

Much of Matt’s work is inspired by a love of New Zealand’s landscapes and coastlines, which is reflected in dramatic compositions and depicted with vivid colour and extraordinary attention to detail. He has a fascination with the relationship between colour, light and form and how these are perceived by the eye. Matt approaches these elements as if working with a code, aiming always to capture the essence of whatever it is he is painting, whether that is an emotion, a feeling or a mood.