Collection: Sarah McBeath

Sarah McBeath's formal Art school education was in Christchurch during the 1970’s. The beauty and vitality of landscape still dominate Sarah’s art. The physical size of her long landscapes and the drama of the work, takes the eye on a grand journey over land and water. Sarah has worked as a full time painter since 1995, regularly exhibiting in groups or solo shows.

Her paintings are in private and public collections in NZ and overseas. Originally from Whangarei, Sarah grew up in Rotorua and Cambridge. After graduating from Canterbury University School of Fine Arts and Christchurch Teachers College she moved north to teach art and art history at schools in Whangarei, and later at Kaipara College in Helensville.

Sarah has exhibited regularly throughout New Zealand. Her work is held in private collections both in New Zealand and overseas, including the prestigious Barilla collection of Modern Art in Italy which also holds work by Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Henry Moore and Max Ernst. Sarah also exhibited her work at the Biennale Internazionale dell' Arte Contemporanea in Florence, in December 2007.

She says "I am well-known for my use of unusually long canvases - more than six times as long as they are high. I first used this format in 1998, and I have been surprised at the enthusiasm with which it has been welcomed by collectors. The width enhances the sense of space within the frame; but I believe it also stretches the imagination, and infers the idea of the landscape extending beyond the edges of the canvas. “Stony Batter” is one of these long canvases."