Collection: Lisa West

Lisa West was born in Tauranga and began her jewellery training in 1986. She studied various aspects of jewellery design and production before gaining a Certificate in Craft and Design in 1989, and a Diploma of Applied Arts in 1991, from Hungry Creek Art and Craft School.

After moving to Auckland in 1993 Lisa began to make flame worked glass beads under the tutelage of glass artist Peter Viesnik. She now uses that skill in combination in her work.

Lisa has been able to create jewellery full time since 1994 and her style is now easily      recognisable.  She references the natural world in every piece – necklaces strewn with blossoms, brooches harbouring intricately engraved moths, and beads with the vivid markings of snake skin have long been a part of her oeuvre.

Many of Lisa’s works are exquisitely detailed while other pieces retain a timeless simplicity of form, allowing the beauty of the materials – primarily silver, glass, stone and shell – to speak for themselves.

Lisa West has exhibited her work throughout New Zealand and internationally.

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