Collection: Ross Palmer

Those who have followed the New Zealand pottery scene from its insurgence in the 1970s will be familiar with Ross Palmer’s name and work.  Over his forty years as a dedicated potter, Ross has established a special niche in domestic ware, combining masterly throwing skills with a clean, distinctive style, where beauty, simplicity and function fuse in tribute and celebration of the simple pleasures of daily life.

Originally a ‘Westie’ from Auckland, a time in his life from which he derives much continued inspiration, he found his calling for clay in Whanganui, counting as his mentors Nick Brandon, Mirek Smisek and George Kojis.

A contemporary and friend of Ross Michel-Anyon.  Ross was active in the Whanganui potting scene, tutoring at the polytechnic, building brick kilns, and was a one-term chairman of Whanganui Potters Society.  At 27 he turned down an offer to work with Barry Brickell in Coromandel, (a choice he still sometimes wonders at) and embarked on a full time career as a production potter, firstly in large garden vessels, and then specialising in domestic ware.

The last five years has seen a resurgence in his career, dating from a meeting with a visiting Australian, Annie, who soon became his wife and creative colleague and together they have established their shared artists’ dream.

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