Collection: Brian Strong

Brian Strong began his career as an artist in Nelson from where he attended Canterbury University completing a diploma of Fine Arts with honours. His early career was spent in art education as a teacher and examiner, but in later years, demand for his painting has made it a full-time commitment.

Brian‘s paintings are strongly influenced by the land and culture of New Zealand. The landscape in particular is the constant provocation and inspiration behind his paintings. In recent work the landscape is composed in such a way that it gives several images within that space of the painting.

Brian often works on paper with torn edges which gives a parchment-like quality. He also incorporates collage maps and copies of the Treaty in his works, which are divided into sections based on the cruciform, allowing him to create horizons, contrast light, change scale and perspective within a painting.

“Experience the power of a land transformed by the imagination, a skillful blend of landscape and Maori history with the emotional and spiritual beauty of these timeless works”. Brian’s works are unmistakably New Zealand.