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Peter Latham

Highway To Heaven

Highway To Heaven

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"What a view! After a long & exciting day off-roading through the Nevis Valley, we emerged high on the ridge overlooking the main highway from Queenstown to Te Anau, which passes through the Garston Valley. As soon as I laid my eyes on this, I couldn't stop the car quick enough & I leapt out, with camera bag flung around my shoulders at breakneck speed! With no time to waste, I elected to shoot this handheld rather than using the tripod as I knew it wouldn't last long...& within 30 seconds, the clouds had shifted & most of the light hitting the valley floor was then in shadow. Yay, good decision to ditch the tripod!

For me, this scene defines what a "grand landscape" is all about, images that possess great light & balance, moments in time that are incredibly rare & elusive."

Location: Garston Valley, Southland

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