Collection: Lynn Waters

Lynne Waters lives in Cambridge, and has been married for nearly 50 years. She has two sons and five grandchildren. Lynne has been painting seriously since she retired from work nine years ago.

She started painting with acrylics, but more recently I have discovered pastels – soft ones, pencils and pans.  She loves this medium and continues learning its techniques and benefits.  She has also been experimenting with graphite pencils and will enjoy that exploration.

Mostly, she learnt through tutorials online, and attending workshops. She is in her happy place when working in her studio.

She likes to challenge myself so continues to try a variety of subjects. Each subject, whether it be landscapes, animals, flowers, or portraits has had its own learning curve and gives her satisfaction in the result.  

Her style is definitely realism and she strives to improve on the reference photo that she is using. Its more of a buzz when she have taken the reference photo herself.

Her art gives her so much satisfaction and she appreciates the time her retirement gives her to indulge herself in the thing that she loves.