Collection: Nicola Ahlers

Nicola Ahlers was born and raised under the beautiful and majestic Mt Taranaki.

She moved to the Waikato to study Psychology (after great debate on whether she should be following the Arts). After graduating she spent two years travelling the world, then on her return to New Zealand decided to settle in the Waikato again.

It was here she met her lovely husband and moved to beautiful Te Pahu to live under another beautiful, although much smaller mountain, Pirongia.

They live on a small dairy farm and have two amazingly gorgeous children.

She is a self-taught artist, she enjoyed art in high school but didn't find her passion for art until 2014 after a running injury required her to rest up (not an easy task for her to sit still for any length of time!). So painting, and then a finding of coloured pencils has kept her busy (and sitting!!) since then.

She has written and illustrated a self-published children's book, and is looking forward to completing her next one.

She has a passion for drawing native New Zealand species, and have been told by Maori Kaumatua her inspiration has been gifted to her from the Patupaiarere (or fairies) of Mt Pirongia.

"My love of art is now consuming any free time I can find. I feel very privileged to have found "work" in something I love.