Collection: Nola Weber

Nola Weber is a well-known artist in the Hawke's Bay, having contributed to several exhibitions and her work keenly sought after. Her preferred medium is oils. With oils, Nola feels she can create the depth and textures suited to her floral themes.

The flowers which Nola paints with such passion have their origins in her garden, which has been the source of her inspiration for many years. Nola paints with an intensity of freedom in colour and subject. She says that the Bay is a beautiful place with bright sunny days and beautiful gardens that inspire her work. Nola tutors from her studio in Taradale and has exhibited her work in major exhibitions in Havelock North, Napier, Rotorua and Auckland, as well as in Southern Hawke's Bay. Nola's passion for working with floral themes is reflected in the success with which she captures the true colour and essence of the flowers.

"As an artist I strive to portray the beauty of nature. I have always been a keen gardener, hence my love of flowers. Nature is ever changing, there is beauty to behold in every step, looking under each petal and finding the magic that is held within the shadow.

One must learn to see the detail of form texture and wonderful vibrant colours. Then try to capture on canvas the true essence of the flower. A friend once said: "Try to paint the perfume of the flower". I hope my art speaks to the viewer.

Art is a valuable healing experience for both the creator and the observer.

My work is who I am and what I am here to do. . ."