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Peter Latham

High Country Muster

High Country Muster

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“As I drove towards lake Clearwater, these cows & their musterer on horseback were coming towards me down this road. Fantastic I thought, a timeless scene that I'd been longing to find. So I stopped & waited, but then cows saw me & they also stopped! The musterer hurried them up & in seconds they scattered & I lost the shot. Oh no! Thoroughly annoyed with myself, I carried on towards Erewhon station & an hour later, I returned down this same road, towards Mt. Somers. So I was surprised when I spotted this same herd in the distance - but now I was behind them! ‘Right, now don't stuff it up' I said to myself. I crept up on them quietly, gave the windscreen a quick squirt for a clear shot & then captured this from behind the wheel. Gotcha!"

Location: near Lake Clearwater, Canterbury

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