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Kiwi Studs

Kiwi Studs

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Beautiful little, sterling silver Kiwi stud earrings, that come in an elegant jewellery box. The earrings are coated with a fine layer of rhodium to prevent tarnishing.

The Kiwi bird is a national icon in New Zealand. The term "Kiwi" is often affectionately used instead of New Zealander.

According to the online Encyclopedia of New Zealand "there were once about 12 million kiwi, but because predators eat so many chicks, there are now fewer than 100,000. The Department of Conservation and many community conservation groups are helping to build up kiwi numbers. The Whakatane Kiwi Trust is one such organisation that "aims to promote the protection of kiwi and other indigenous species in the Whakatāne area, through advocacy, education and fundraising." The volunteer holding a large wild Kiwi, pictured on our information card is sporting a purple Whakatane Kiwi Trust T-shirt. You can support the trust by going to their website
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