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Stone Arrow

Hydrangea Flower Earrings

Hydrangea Flower Earrings

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These simple, yet beautiful, earrings are inspired by the distinctive Hydrangea flower which grows abundantly throughout New Zealand.

The petals are cut from a recycled bottle and shaped in a kiln, which also strengthens the glass.  Add to that our made in-house Recycled Sterling Silver one piece hooks plus rubber stoppers for extra security and you have one of our most popular earring designs. 

Earring length: 25mm (0.98 in), Flower diameter 18mm (0.7 in)

Designed for StoneArrow by Heidi Gilgenberg

**Due to the nature of the process and the use of recycled materials, colour and size may vary slightly from photo**

Glass sources: Green - Jagermeister Schnapps; Light Blue - Bombay Sapphire Gin;
Dark Blue - Weleda Oil or Wine bottle; Teal - From Winery bottle. 
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